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What is the shelf life of torshi?

The shelf life of our torshi is similar to other pickled and acidified foods that are shelf life stable. Unopened, torshi can last indefinitely. 

Does torshi need to be refrigerated?

Yes, torshi should be refrigerated after opening.

Why is torshi more expensive than other pickles and chutneys? 

Maman TorshiTM artisanal products are made with many, many more ingredients than other pickles and chutneys.  Savory Veggie TorshiTM is crafted from 5 types of fresh vegetables, 6 varieties of fresh herbs and more than 15 spices and seeds.  Tangy Fruit TorshiTM is painstakingly prepared using a blend of 10 fresh fruits and 10 spices.  Aged Garlic TorshiTM is made of garlic cloves and a blend of artisanal and malt vinegars. 

After I place my order online, how long will it be until I receive it?

Under normal conditions, orders are fulfilled within 7-10 business days. Maman TorshiTM products are made in small batches, and during busy seasons, one variety or another may be temporarily out of stock. Once your order has been shipped, we will email you with the tracking number.

Can my torshi spoil?

Being an acidified product, it is almost impossible for your torshi to be spoiled if your jar has not been opened or the lid has not been compromised. Each jar of Maman TorshiTM has been heat-sealed in an FDA-approved process that makes them shelf -stable unopened.

What if my product arrives damaged? 

Our general policy is to provide a product exchange if your product arrives damaged.  It is very unlikely that your product will arrive damaged because we take such care to package your product well, but it is possible that on very rare occasions, your order may become damaged during shipment.  If this should occur, be sure to contact us within 3 business days of receiving your package and we will replace your order as soon as possible. To expedite the replacement process, which includes filing a claim with our shipper, please email a picture of your damaged package to info@MamanTorshi.com and include 'Damaged Jar' in the subject line.

What is your refund policy?

Our orders for torshi are final sale and not refundable. Shipping charges are also non-refundable. As a small growing business, we do not have a liberal taste and return policy like some larger retailers.

How much is shipping?

We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) as our preferred shipper for domestic packages. If your total order exceeds $35, shipping is free. Otherwise, a flat shipping rate of $8.98 is charged.

Are there retail locations where I can buy torshi?

We are currently vetting a number of retail partners, who will ultimately be listed on our website under the tab 'Store Locator.'  We are always interested in adding more retail partners, so if you know of or own a retail location that would like to carry our torshis, please send an email to us at  info@MamanTorshi.com and include in the word VENDOR in the subject line.

The torshi jar size or product that I want to order says "out of stock" or "back-order”. What does that mean? 

If you order a product that is out of stock or on back order, this just means that it will take slightly longer to process your order because we need to get it back in stock before we can ship it to you. The time it takes for us to get products back in stock is variable, due to the availability of our jars and other materials, etc.

What should I do if my question is not answered by these FAQs or if I have a problem?

We appreciate shout-outs, praise and compliments on our social media sites, but if you have an issue; we definitely want to hear about it as soon as possible. So, please email us at info@MamanTorshi.com with a couple of key words describing your issue and we will address your concerns as soon as possible.