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What is Torshi?

Torshi is a Persian word used to describe a wide range of pickled fruits and vegetables, familiarly known to Western cuisines as “chutney” "jelly" or “relish”. The crafting of torshi is a centuries-old culinary tradition blending chopped fruit or vegetables with a tempting array of spices and a splash of vinegar. Torshi is a well-known staple of Persian, Afghan, Albanian, Turkish, Armenian, Greek, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Bosnian, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Three unique types of Torshi in a bowl.  Freshly chopped vegetables for Savory Veggie Torshi (Liteh)


Freshly chopped fruits for Tangy Fruit Torshi (Miveh)  Raw garlic prepared for Aged Garlic Torshi (Seer)