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Aged Garlic Torshi

$ 10.95

Our exotic Aged Garlic Torshi (Seer Torshi) is simply made from fresh garlic, a blend of vinegars (includes malt* vinegar) and spices.  As it ages, it becomes softer, darker and sweeter.  Unlike some fine wines, it does not have an upper limit of age. For example, the Seven-Year Aged Garlic Torshi melts in your mouth! It is a true delicacy that will change your concept of garlic.

This traditional Persian accompaniment rounds out any meal, adding a semi-sweet and sour element.  It is pickled with the innermost skin intact. The skin and garlic soften with age, so squeeze the garlic out of its skin and spread it on a piece of meat or sandwich and enjoy!  

In certain conditions, garlic can sometimes develop a blue-green hue. The color change is harmless and is a result of naturally occurring sulphur compounds and enzymes in garlic reacting to an acidic environment. The intensity of the hue comes from wide-ranging factors such as the age of the garlic when harvested and the chemistry of the soil in the growing environment.  It is completely safe, non-toxic and is not a sign of spoilage.  Eventually, all aged garlic cloves take on an even brown tone.

We create all of our torshi in a small-batch artisanal process that does not use any artificial preservatives or coloring.

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* Unlike the other two torshi products, Aged Garlic Torshi includes barley malt vinegar which is made using a malting and fermentation process. This process can eliminate or break down the gluten protein, and the end product can contain a trace of gluten.  

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