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Welcome to Maman Torshi

Torshi awakens your appetite and adds pizzazz to your culinary adventures, whether it’s a festive fare or a simple burger  meat  or veggie.  Torshi adds an extra dimension without overpowering the meal.   It partners perfectly with meats – fish, beef, pork, chicken – and it elevates vegetarian dishes - rice, noodles, curries, tofu, eggs, cheese platters.

We present three unique varieties of torshi inspired by our Persian culinary heritage.  Our herbaceous Savory Veggie Torshi is a richly textured condiment of five types of fresh vegetables and six types of fresh aromatic herbs, vinegar and our unique blend of fifteen spices.  Our flavorful and lively Tangy Fruit Torshi is packed with ten types of delicious fruits, vinegar and our blend of ten spices.  Our exotic Aged Garlic Torshi is simply made from fresh garlic, vinegar and spices.  It is a true delicacy that will change your concept of garlic.